Scrapbook, Second Decade After Unity

Part One: Letters from Capital, Autumn 12 AU:

Part Two: A Journey Across North Nivet, Autumn 12 AU:

Appendix: Zelerod Memorial Institute Historical Preservation Project (Spring 13 AU)

Acknowledgments: I'd like to thank John Cowan for his knowledgeable literary criticism and play-testing that improved my work a great deal. If some parts are awkward, clunky and excessively verbose, those are probably ones where I didn't take his advice. John spent a lot of time and effort at this, just in exchange for the chance to read more of it. I appreciate his help very much, and I'll keep trying to put more humor of more kinds into the mix for his particular enjoyment. I'd also like to thank Mary Lou Mendum for several thought-provoking and valuable discussions. I didn't always agree with her views, and I seldom took her advice, so don't blame her for anything here! Still, her contributions to my development of the background and content of this book are much appreciated.
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