I Have Known Joy

I have known joy
That danced across my senses
Like sunlight on a lake

I have known joy
Golden and warm and rich
For me to take

I have known joy
Full and deep and boundless

I have known joy
Pouring in and bringing life and peace
With the knowing


What is taken is lost
What is borrowed is used
What is stolen destroys
What is given will soothe


If moonlight be the measure of thy grace
Then starlight resting gently o'er thy face
Could but add in palest light a trace
Of silver glow to that most wondrous place

If sunlight be the measure of thy heart
Then I must swear it is the very start
Of all deemed good and pure and right whose art
Is made most nearly perfect in thy part

Little Heart Thief

Little heart thief
Soft and warm
Gently wriggling in my arms

Little heart thief
Young and wise
Old and new in your big brown eyes

Little heart theif
A gift to stand
Sucking on the tentacles of your old Grand


When we were small you came to me
My friend, my playmate heart to heart
Innocent we played our games
Never dreaming we would part

We were children, bright and happy
Singing songs that never rhyme
Playing through the days unheeding
Slowly running out of time

Where will you go my friend, my soul mate
For if they find you you must die
Where on this earth is your safe refuge
The change in you has made me cry

To children change is always fearful
For children change can break the heart
Children change there is no stopping
Change is forcing us to part

There is No Need...

If you should touch me I may die
Yet if you don't I know you will
Round and round my mind goes spinning
Wishing, needing to fulfill

I rest my heart upon you softly
I hold your hands in mine until
You take from me what you need fully
There is no need for you to kill.

Selyn Dreams

When I fall asleep with you beside me
I have selyn dreams.

It feels so good with you beside me
I have selyn dreams.

I don't want much, just you beside me
And selyn dreams.

images by dovesong
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