Contribute to the Secret Pens
Submission guidelines and instructions:

The Secret Pens accepts fan fiction, artwork, poetry, and other materials set in the universe of the Sime~Gen novels by Jacqueline Lichtenberg and Jean Lorrah. It also should be findable nowhere else on the web. If your work fits these requirements, or can be made to fit them with a bit of effort, by all means join us!

1) Obtain a username and password by writing to the editor. You may have as many usernames as you wish, as long as you are contributing under all of the names... each "user's" work will be stored in a separate subdirectory. Your identity will be kept confidential if you wish. Be sure to specify what username name you want. Please also mention if you will need a POP mail account.

2) HTMLize your work and use FTP to upload it to your subdirectory on You will be placed in your correct subdirectory automatically. If you need help with HTML or FTP, see the Contributor Resources thread on the Feedback Forum or ask one of the other contributors for assistance. Most are glad to be of help!

3) Email the editor with the new materials' name and location so it can be added to the "Recent Additions" on the front page of the site.

4) Be sure to leave feedback for the other authors! Everybody loves feedback. :-)

Questions? Comments on these instructions? See the message board or email the editor.