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By Kaas Baichtal on Monday, April 3, 2000 - 12:21 pm: Edit Post

Who is Lemon Scent, and where has Lemon went? No new Shenned off Comix in a long time. Does that mean Lemon isn't shenned off anymore, or did her head explode?

By Lemon on Wednesday, April 5, 2000 - 6:51 pm: Edit Post

Hmmm, want more? Something has been shenning me lately, so I gave you what you asked for.

By WingedWolf on Monday, April 17, 2000 - 3:38 pm: Edit Post

Hee hee hee...thanks, needed that. :)
I confess to a bit of trouble understanding #6, however....

By Lemon on Wednesday, May 24, 2000 - 6:15 pm: Edit Post

Simple. People always think that God is on "their side" no matter what that side is. "I'm the chosen one, because I'm Gen" or "I'm the chosen one,because I'm Sime"

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