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oOur son would like to be a Donor when he grows up, but....
oIf a Sime and a Gen live together, who gets to control the thermostat?
oIsn't there supposed to be a new "authorized unauthorized" fanzine?
oAre you familiar with the theory that there are really twelve planets in our solar system?
oIs it true that you can tell the size of a Sime's, er, equipment from the size of his tentacles?

oIs it possible there are still Ancients around that we just don't know about?
oIs it possible that Simes are aliens who introduced something into our bloodstreams....
oArcheological evidence suggests that Ancient civilization collapsed because of a massive war.

oMy best friend and her brother both Established this year.
oI sent in my question eons ago and it was never answered.
oDoesn't the new World Controller seem naive and innocent?

oMy friends tell me I should boycott Fandom, Inc.
oMy Territory just held a presidential election and there was a tie.
oI am planning to tour Russia and hobnob with the aristocracy.
oWhen did the Tigue mutation develop?
oI have some friends who are always talking big but never seem to put their money where their mouths are.
oI really want to get my Sime drunk so I can have my way with him.
oWhat does Sime Territory law say about Gen Territory citizens who are minors?
oPlease settle this argument... (ronaplin inhibitor)
oWhy don't Simes use guns? Why don't Gens use whips?
oA friend of mine is convinced that electricity and selyn are closely related.
oIn school they have us reading a book about the junct days....
oHow do you remove ronaplin stains from naugahyde?
oI'm trying to get a piece of fanfiction published.
oWhile I cannot agree with the strident nature of....
oI'm seeing these reader responses (The Top Ten Things a Third Order Donor....)
oYour statement that automobiles cannot know either need or attrition is a crock!
oHow come it's called "Gen of the Week" when it doesn't come out every week?
oI was walking down the street the other day....
oReader response: The Top Ten Things a Third Order Donor....
oWhy do Gens have such cold feet?
oThey say that Klyd Farris vanished without a trace. What exactly happened to him?
oRecently I was horrified to see an ad for a "Celebrity Auction".
oCan a Sime become fixed on an inanimate object?
oIn reading your column describing the ten most popular plans for surviving a Sime attack....
oHas there ever been a documented case of Divine Intervention in a Gen surviving an attack by a junct Sime?
oI just found out my Gen has 100,000 in a secret bank account.
oMy Gen partner is Post all month around. I can't cope!
oJust how much selyn does a Gen need to live?
oRecently I was offered some minority, nonvoting stock in a private company....
oWill there still be copyright law in the time of Simes and Gens?
oWhat's so bad about panicking or staring?
oThis Sime keeps looking at me in an odd way.
oHow do I stop my Sime from taking bananas and forks into the bath?
oIs there life on other planets? Is it divided into Sime and Gen too?
oCan a Sime have two Gens in transfer?
oMy peers (who are mostly Gens for some reason) are always picking on me.
oDo smart Gens taste better?
oMy Sime boyfriend is allergic to my cat.
oHow can I get ahold of Riyyh, Sectuib in Naros?
oSergi vs. Sergei Reader Poll Author Feedback
oI have this new boyfriend, who is a Sime. He's coming over for dinner.
oWhat color is selyn?
oWho do you think would win between... (Sergi vs. Sergei)
oWhat exactly does "Gen of the Week" mean?
oIf Simes are stronger, why does the Gen do all the heavy work?
oWhy are there no gay channels?
oAre we evolved from cats?
oMy cousin wants to donate to the Tecton.
oI read your advice to "All Confused" last week.
oWhy is the Tecton so damn immovable on the subject of Sime-Gen transfer?
oIs it true that if you conceive before the full moon you will have a Sime child, unless it's premature?
oShould I be jealous?
oIs it possible for a Gen to "suck" the selyn back out of a Sime?
oWere the Ancients Simes or Gens?
oIs ronaplin good sexual lubricant?
oWhy do Farrises have such crazy hair?

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