The Gulf Museum

This site is still under construction. Here are some sneak peeks at what you can expect to find here in the future!

Pic #1
An interesting and exceptionally well carved ancestral gender pair from north Sumatra's Batak people. From the collection of Tribal Artifacts Inc.
Pic #2
"Sisters" by Ana Daltchev. A touching From the collection of the Highlands Sculpture Gallery, Inc.
Pic #3
A carved oak sculpture. Two figures entwined, signed and dated S. Weidl 1947 (Seff Weidl, German 1915-1972). From Dawson's.
Pic #4
Also from the collection of Tribal Artifacts Inc.
Pic #5 This and many more excellent examples of transfer positions may be found in Gustav Vigeland's Sculpture Park in Oslo, Norway.
Pic #6
Artwork by Darin Baker from the wedding invitation of Darin Todd Baker, Cameron Justin Mandrake and Christopher Ryan McCoy.
Pic #7
"Three Dancers" by Paul Phillipe. From the gallery of Sculptures Limited.

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