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The open hand. It indicates the open hand of welcome - a welcome to all no matter who they are or what their beliefs.


At Halwyn we believe that most of the worlds woes come from lack of tolerance and acceptance, so we strive to develop those characteristics in our members.
When we accept someone for whom they are, instead of who we would like them to be, we give them the freedom to be themselves and express themselves.


Monete Securi, Monete Fortes "Stay Safe, Stay Strong" Strength of character means that you are never in fear of losing the essential "you" in favour of what other people want you to be. If you are strong in your belief in yourself you are safe from the dangers of mental manipulation by others. At Halwyn we try to help our members gain the confidence in themselves they need for this personal strength.


Red and Silver symbolizes the blood and selyn systems.


Individuality is highly appreciated in the entertainment field. Dancing and Music are unique in that they help both the performer and the audience to unwind. Halwyn isn't made up entirely of entertainers, as some may think, but does have many talented souls and is constantly on the look out to expand our ranks with people who have skills in the entertainment field to offer.


Membership is open and can be applied for by emailing
the Sectuib, Zoe Farris. Membership should not be attempted if you are a member of the Klu Klux Klan. There is a cooling off period of not less then 2 weeks. In your email include details such as gender and larity and something of your abilities and beliefs.