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Meet Klide and Huge


Klide, a middle aged Sime has many years of experience with all type of people while Huge is more laid back, preferring to experiement in other more specific areas, much to the dismay of Klide.  However, the two have found one thing they agree on--and that is writing.  So, together Klide & Huge have brought you the first story of their many travels.  Please forgive Klide if it's too technical.  Huge, of course, understands the necessity of relationships while Klide is more interested in the other side [Sigh.]

Happy Reading.

By Klide & Huge

It was a dark and stormy night when HE strode through the door, water glistening on his manly tentacles like the dew drops of ronaplin on a Sime in hard need.

 Leanna watched the way the channel swaggered in, confidence written on every facet of his nager as he moved. "May I help you?" she asked when he stopped in front of her.

Rylan raked her with a gaze, lifting an arrogant eyebrow as he registered the woman was as disjunct as a raider in a pen full of Gens...which wasn't much at all. "Maybe you can, but right now, I'm looking for the Controller of this Center."

"That would be me." She straightened her shoulder, putting on a showfield that would do any Gen proud.
 Rylan had to wonder why she was trying to entice him with her field.

Leanna saw his question and blushed, flipping her field to neutral, so neutral that neutral took on a new meaning.

"Ah, well, I'm here for the case."

"The case?"

Sudden whispers of THE CASE echoed throughout the lobby like the sound of a raider's whip when he was chasing down an errant Gen.

"Yes. THE CASE."

"You'd better come to my office, then," she said, glancing around the room, her eyes darting from person to person as if she expected one of them to jump up and run screaming from the room...or, zlinning her closer... toward HER room."

Rylan had to wonder just what THE CASE was.

Leanna hurried to her office, locking the door behind them when they were inside. The lock clicked loudly, reminding Rylan of retainers being locked in place, just before being tossed in a cage with no escape. Looking at the woman in front of him, the long dark her, pale cheeks, he had to wonder if maybe the simile wasn't right. Had he Inez been locked in a cage with no escape.

He watched her hurry to her desk. Bending over, she dug through her files until she came out with one particular file. Holding it to her chest, she turned and once again ran her hot smoldering gaze over him before finally holding the file out to him.

Rylan accepted the file. "Tell me about it," he murmured as he flipped open the file to start reading.

Leanna twisted her tentacles together, before going over and taking a seat close to Rylan so she could look over his shoulder. "Well, it started about three weeks ago. This is the fourth person it has affected so far."

"The symptoms?" he queried in a voice as sweet as the trin tea served up on a cold winter morning to revive the cold Gens.

"This latest one, well, as you can see, the first symptom was like all the rest... a bad transfer for several months."

"Ah," he said and nodded, his brow furrowing and lips pursing like he'd just caught smell of fosebine being served up near him as he flipped the page.

"Yes, and then... then... well, along came a Donor and gave them a special transfer, as we've dubbed it. We're not sure what it is. But it certainly isn't TECTON STANDARD. I know Tecton Standard."

Rylan turns his hot gaze on her. "I'm sure you do," he murmured and the way he zlinned her sent her intil rising like a Gen who had just spotted a Sime augmenting at them in 10th level augmentation.

"Tell me about the transfer and the results."

"It started when a disjunction transfer went wrong. And every since then, when someone has gone too long with bad transfers, and then they have one of those special transfers from someone at Lakeland that leave you well, you know...."

Rylan smiled slowly, his eyes turning dark. "Yeah, I know."

"You do?" Leanna asked, shock running through her that she finally found someone who knew.

"It's called The Creeping Post."

Leanna opened her mouth, again and again, reminding Rylan of a fish out of water. Finally, she said, "But...but.. this... this certainly isn't the TECTON way."

Rylan smiled. "No, it's not. But I can think of worse ways to go." His gaze swept over her, his smile turning sensuous, reminding her of a junct when his prey had suddenly realized there was no escape.

Rylan nodded. "Anyway, we specialize in post and with the mysterious problems here regarding the bad transfers, we've sent you many Donors to help. We are working on a solution. That's why I'm here. Still, as the facts show, when your people experience one good transfer the post that has been just out of reach creeps up on them and ... bang."

"Bang," Leanna whispered, thinking that sounded like the surprise you get when you wake up the next morning with a post partner and find out it's the pen Gen you thought you'd killed the night before.

"You might have read about these people here at the Center in the information sent you about our problems or from one of your people. But that's not the same thing as seeing it. At first, with this latest patient, it was only a leer. And then another leer. And then he started chasing anything that moved, Gens, Simes, Gnomes, it didn't matter. We had to restrain him. He couldn't get enough."

Rylan nodded seriously. "I know. It happens like that."
Zlinning her again, he asked, "And how have your transfers been lately?"
"Fine. All fine."

"You don't zlin like it." Rylan turned his full not-so-professional attention upon her sweeping through her body like a knife through hot butter. "You need transfer and you need it now. With a decent Donor."

"You don't mean..."

"Yes, a Lakeland Donor. It's is the only way."

"But, but I have a Donor." Leanna pulled herself up trying to look like the Controller she was, but the trembling of her body betrayed the true state of her need.

The sneer on Rylan's lips told her that was the wrong thing to say. "A TECTON Donor", he snorted as he strode across the room to open the door and bellow a name.

Seconds later the room was filled with a rich warm Gen nager that stripped from Leanna the last of her control. "Trembling, she begged "No, please no. I can't. Not a Lakeland transfer."
"You can and you will. Shen, Controller I've never seen a channel as screwed up as you are. Mosa here will take care of that, and afterwards..." Rylan's eyes ran up and down her body, appraising and approving. "My transfer was just hours ago," he said in a low voice.

"No" Leanna was dismayed at the lack of conviction in her voice, in her now wildly uncontrollable field.

The Donor moved forward, hands stretched out to her in invitation. "Tell me to my face that you don't want me." His field was a bright beacon luring her onward like that of a pirate's ship who would lure their prey onto the rocks... to destruction.

 Shedoni. Leanna knew she was going to surrender. If her mind didn't betray her, her body would. It had been months. Oh so many months since the Tecton had sent her a decent Donor. Forcing herself to remain duo, she looked at Rylan in appeal. "Please don't do this to me."

Rylan shrugged. "Well if you insist on being Tecton miserable." He gestured to Mosa and suddenly the room went dark, cold bleak. Both of the men before her became cold and distant, zlinning as pre-gens.

"Is this what you really want?" Rylan's lips curved into a sensuous smile as he locked eyes with her, reminding her of a Sime waiting to strike its prey and win.

"No" she whispered. In shock, defenses shattered, she turned to the patiently waiting Gen. "Please I do want you." In the back of her mind she knew Controller Lansun was going to be very displeased. But somehow this didn't seem to matter.

Like the turning of a light switch Mosa began to glow as he moved forward hands outstretched in invitation.

Sliding into full hyperconsciousness, Leanna grabbed his hands, barely waiting until her tentacles were properly seated before making lip contact and beginning her draw.

Leanna quickly reached her top speed drawing with a frantic desperation. Mosa moved with her, encouraging and meeting that desperate need. The Donor was also giving her a special something that Leanna's mind couldn't define or identtify. But she could feel her body relax, becoming open and vulnerable to the Gen touch that seemed to permeate every fiber of her being. As they reached the peak of shared pleasure, Leanna felt something within her relax as a wave of hot warmth swept her body leaving her trembling as she reached termination.

Utterly without conscious volition, Leanna's hands moved from the Donor's arms to the buttons of his shirt as her lips made a deeper less impersonal contact with his.

Dimly, she was aware that someone was picking her up and depositing her on the couch in the corner of her office. She opened her eyes to see Rylan smiling down at her, barely restrained passion in his dark eyes.

"How are you feeling now Controller?" he whispered.

"Shedoni," She gasped. "This is no time to talk. You know how I feel." Taking his hands, she guided them to her breasts.

Bending his dark head, Rylan's mouth fastened on hers, his tongue demanding admittance. With a deep moan, Leanna gave herself up to a kiss that seemed to last an eternity and left her weak and trembling. Rylan was making quick work of the buttons on her Tecton uniform and before she knew it, the uniform was on the floor and she lay naked beneath the gaze of this handsome stranger who had risen and was standing there staring at her with a mask of passion on his face.

A part of Leanna's mind was appalled at her behavior, but she couldn't control her actions. Nor did she particularly want to. Tearing off the couch she threw herself at Rylan, shamelessly ripping off his clothing.

Rylan remained passive for only as long as it took for her to divest him of his clothing. Then he moved. Throwing her back down on the couch he began caressing her entire body with lips and tentacles. By the time he was ready to enter her, Leanna's entire body felt as if it were aflame with a fire hotter than the pits of shen.

Afterwards, he cuddled her in his arms until she returned to normal consciousness. "I have it, don't I?" she whispered.

He nodded. "Yes I'm afraid you do. Your body had been deprived too long."

She knew she should ask if there was a cure, but she really didn't want to be cured. Not right away at least.

Knowing what she wanted, Leanna reached for him, but he pulled away. Dimly, she heard him talking to someone about a crises even as he was throwing on his clothes. Then he was gone.

Crisis shen, I'm the one with the crisis. Leanna rose and staggered to the door, only at the last minute realizing she had no clothes on. Pulling the coverlet from the couch she wrapped it around her and went out into the hall.

The hall was deserted. She zlinned. A channel was leaving an office just down the hall. Inran! Another Lakeland channel. Leanna blinked as she stared at him. She had never considered him handsome before, but now, dressed in Lakeland brown and gold, his lavender cape swirling around him, he took her breath away.

Cape! He's going out. Shen no! "Inran, no!" Dropping the coverlet Leanna augmented down the hall to throw herself on the younger channel. Shamelessly, she wrapped her arms and legs around him, kissing him passionately.

Inran moaned, his shock turning to understanding as his attention swept through her body. "Not you too," he whispered as he carried her into his office and locked the door behind them.

"Take me, Inran. Please, take me," she begged as he gently laid her on his transfer couch.

With a resigned sigh, Inran stripped and lay beside her passively letting her have her way with him.

So great was her passion that Leanna quickly wore him out. Leaving him snoring, Leanna once again took to the halls, nude and shameless, in her search for sexual prey. The halls however were deserted which was beginning to irritate Leanna.

Seeing Raleena at the end of the hall, Leanna paused, part of her mind saying this might be a good time to retreat. But her sexual appetite was so overpowering that she augmented down the hall to grab Raleena and before the startled woman could react Leanna had unbuttoned the top of Tecton uniform and was pushing it off her shoulders.

Tearing away Raleena's bra Leanna captured her luscious breasts squeezing them with her hands and tentacles.

She looked up startled. Resistance was coming from the other channel.

"You don't really want me." Raleena was attempting to capture Leanna's field.

"Yes I do" Leanna growled resisting Raleena's attempts to control her. "And I will have you."

"No you won't." Firmly, Raleena removed Leanna's hands, finally gaining control of the other woman's fields, working to damp the uncontrollable sexual drives.

It worked. By the time Raleena had rebuttoned her uniform, Leanna was weeping. Suddenly aware not only of her public nudity but of the enormity of what she had just tried to do, she could only stand there weeping and trembling.

Compassionately, Raleena guided her back to her office.
 Leanna realized yes, this person zlinned like Lakeland, but wasn't what she wanted. Looking around, she wondered how in shen she had gotten there.

"There you are!"

Leanna turned, and spotted Lanas coming down the hall, his nager raging like an avenging angel who had just found out his number one minion had turned on him. Leanna's gaze ran over him, assessing, wondering if maybe...

At Raleena's increased control Leanna realized what she was thinking and looked at Raleena, disgust on her face as plainly as the disgust the Tecton showed when talking to a disjunct channel.

"Controller Lanas," Leanna said, trying to put on a showfield that would do the Tecton proud, but failing.

"It's that shenned, Rylan isn't it. He did this to you. He ruined you." Lanas sneered raking her with a glance, making her feel lower than a nonjunct Sime who had just released and helped across the border all the pen Gens in an all junct town.

As if knowing what was happening, Rylan came strolling down the hall. "Hello, Lanas. Long time since we've seen you."

Lanas turned on Rylan, his nager shouting the anger he felt, anger that sent every nonjunct in the Center running for the garden to escape. "It might be a long time since I've seen you, but I've followed your path of destruction all over the Tecton. That's how I ended up here. You and your shendi doomed Donors have been turning my channels from the true way, the Tecton way, turning them into mindless creatures who can't work, can't concentrate, can't do their job... You've... you've given them the creeping post! Do you know how much shenned trouble we go to every month to make sure our channels are shorted, left nearly Donorless, and have their systems thoroughly thrown into chaos just so we can keep control over them?"

Rylan nodded, his nager slowly opening up until you could zlin the smug satisfaction like a junct raider who'd just sneaked into a house full of Gens and kept them all to himself. "Yes, I do. And I'm here to finally reveal that the creeping post isn't a myth at all, but something tied to this Center located over a hell mouth. That, tied in with the sorry transfers your district gives out, combined with our specialty in transfers is what triggers this Creeping need."

"Preposterous. Ridiculous. No such thing" The District Controller swelled up in anger, his face turning as red as Sime who had accidentally eaten a plate full of strawberries.

"Well then, why don't we let the channels decide," Rylan said smoothly, so smoothly in fact that Leanna thought of that honey again, flowing over her body... which gave her ideas as her mind drifted, her gaze going back to Rylan...

"Controller Leanna!"

Leanna turned her gaze to Lanas, saw the disconcertion on his face and brought her field back under control.
"Yes, Controller?"
"You're infected. You know you're disjunct, practically useless and it's only the strict rigorous training of the Tecton that keeps you sane and from rejuncting. This...this creeping post, it's against Tecton policy. You will come with me and be remanded to a camp to be retrained."

"Why don't we let her choose, Lanas," Rylan said, his gaze turning to Leanna, burning through her like a selyn field burned into a channel in first need.

"Choose? Choose! What's there to choose. Of course she'll come."

Leanna grinned, thinking yeah, she would come, was practically coming right now looking at Rylan again. Turning her hot gaze to Lanas she smiled a predatory smile. "The Tecton might have helped me, once, a long long time ago, but not anymore. I choose Lakeland."

Lanas growled low, reminding Leanna of the sound a frustrated Sime in need who couldn't get to his Donor.

"And I'm going to make it my job in life to expose the atrocities of the creeping need, that you say is a myth."

"I'll see you thrown out of the Tecton for this, you and you," he said, turning to look at Rylan. "And your house."

"You can try, but I can tell you that no matter how much you suppress it, the truth will come out, no matter what you do, who you kick out, what houses you get rid of."

Lanas hesitated, his nager fluctuating wildly as he glared at them, looking like a Channel in a roomful of stubborn Companions who refused to release control of their fields. 

"Shen, you're just like Keon or Carre. You haven't heard the last of me!"

Turning he stormed off. "Him leaving is like the light of a new dawn," Mosa said, then wandered off down the hall with Raleena, both nagers zlinning as happy as a Channel who had just been infected with the creeping post.

Leanna looked up at Rylan.

"You lost your job, your place, everything today," he said to her.

Leanna's hot gaze raked him, sending tingles off in his body, reminding him of just how post he was, post enough that only standing this near to Leanna made him forget everything else and act like a changeover who had just learned how to zlin.

"But, I gained this... this... satisfaction, the real way of things, what a channel should really feel. And I gained you."

Rylan chuckled low, sending shivers of delight down her spine. "Yes, you gained me, and Lakeland. Let's go to your office. Now, let's go to your office so I can cure you."

"Cure me," Leanna cried out, rubbing her body against his even as she started pulling his clothes off him again.

Rylan nodded. "Just come with me."

Pulling Leanna into her office he immediately spotted Inran sprawled naked on the couch, out like a light.

"No! No, I won't let you cure me!" she cried out and proceeded to strip Rylan's clothes from him."

Rylan smiled. "That's half the cure right there."

A loud snore came from the couch.

Rylan moved over to the couch and nudged the young channel to the floor, who kept right on snoring.

Leanna didn't wait, but attacked like a junct in killmode, leaping across the room and knocking him to the couch. She started smothering him in kisses, rubbing her naked body all over him as she finished divesting him of his clothes.

"Mrrumph," came from the sleeping channel on the floor.

"Oh, Rylan, Rylan, I have to have you now," Leanna moaned.

Rylan was in no mood to argue. "Take your time," he said before fastening his lips to hers and kissing her deeply. Running is hands down her arching back, he slipped his tentacles along her thighs, dragging them up and down, back and forth, caressing teasing, provoking until Leanna was weeping with her need for release.

Strawberry petals came floating down on the two of them.

"Shendoni, woman, what are you trying to do," Rylan growled shaking them off him, "Poison us both."

Leanna was oblivious as she moaned and moved against Rylan.

Rylan rolled her over, looking down at her thinking she reminded him of a channel who's intil was out of control. Gathering Leanna close, he whispered, "No, my love," and begin to work to exhaust her finding she was more than a match for him as they moved together.

"No no no, too much," the young channel on the floor muttered rolling over to his side, still snoring away.

'Oh, yes, yes, yes," Leanna moaned, and clutched at Rylan.

"Ah!" Rylan cried out.

"Ahhhhh!' Leanna cried.

"Huh?" the young channel asked, sitting up.

 Leanna collapsed, gasping, still clutching Rylan.

Leanna remember the first time she saw him, the dark stormy night and the water glistening on his arms. Touching the ronaplin gland, she stroked it gently, thinking the storm was past.

"How are you feeling, my love?" Rylan asked, stroking 
Leanna's body, thinking the flush to her skin reminded him of strawberries.

Smiling dreamily up at him and zlinning as sated as a raider who has gorged on captured Gens, she said, "You know, from the moment you walked in the door I knew you were trouble. But, it is a trouble that I've decided I don't mind."

Rylan pulled her close kissing her passionately. "Don't worry, my love, was Lakeland, your trouble has only begun."

The storm had passed indeed and the bright dawn of a new day had begun.

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