Lemon Scent
No. 1
Gay Channels


The Nager

The Tecton

Electric Sime

God Loves...???

Breakfast of Farris's

Lemon Scent

Ever find yourself frustrated with life, restless, bored, and just outright annoyed with no way to let off steam?

I sure have!

But then I discovered a way to get it out of my system and enjoy myself too. Making cartoons on the computer lets me vent my spleen about whatever has been frustrating me, and it's a harmless way of letting it all out!

You can look - but I warn you, these cartoons might touch a sore spot on some people! Oh, and No.2 was from an idea someone else gave me. If you like them you can comment on the message boardsand let me know. If you don't like them - too bad!

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