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People are not going to smash their radios because they have learned about the Secret Pens. Did people smash their radios or TVs when they brought the news of Watergate?
-- Jean Lorrah, simegen-l, Tue 6 Jan 1998

How did the Secret Pens Get its Name?

The Secret Pens takes its name from a bit of Sime~Gen background that has yet to make it into any published novels.

Before treaty united the Sime and Gen Territories in peace, Simes got their monthly selyn by killing Gens raised on GenFarms and sold in stockyard-like Pens. After Unity this was not supposed to happen anymore. Simes were supposed to live on selyn given them by channels, and that's what the new Tecton-based Sime government told the people of Gen Territory. However, Simes who had been killing for years (juncts) were not capable of surviving for long taking selyn the peaceful way. They still needed at least a kill a year to remain healthy. Without a source of kills, the entire adult population of Sime Territory would have died off within a few years -- or more likely, revolted violently against their new government. So, the Tecton chose to maintain some Pens in secret, to provide the needed kills. When the Gens finally did find out about this a couple of decades later, it was a terrible scandal.

Aside from the obvious parallels in purpose and scandalousness (see our history) the name is also a pun: our existence was originally a secret, some of our contributors and most of our readership are anonymous, and of course, the pen is ever the tool of the author, the artist, the poet and... heh... the advice columnist.

The name and concept for the Pens existed at least a year and a half before the site was actually founded.

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