Poetry and Lyrics: Alphabetical by Title
Title: Poet/Lyricist:
Borrowed Blake Chaisa
Change Chaisa
Companion Chaisa
Companion's Lament, A D'Yon Klempner
Companion's Vow, A Sunraven
Given Chaisa
Gold Weeks and Silver Days Jocelyn Stewart
Hickory Dickory Dock Cheryl Wolverton
I Have Known Joy Chaisa
I Need You Kaas Baichtal
Lali, As She Plays Chaisa
Little Heart Thief Chaisa
Mary Had a Tamed Pen Gen Cheryl Wolverton
Rockabye Gen In the Kill Room     Cheryl Wolverton
Sime Lover D'Yon Klempner
Selyn Dreams Chaisa
Some Thoughts About.... D'Yon Klempner
Somewhere in Gen Territory Cheryl Wolverton
There is no Need... Chaisa
This Little Gen Cheryl Wolverton
Transitions Kaas Baichtal

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