Support the Secret Pens
Want to show support for the Pens?

1) Contribute your creative works. If it's Sime~Gen, it belongs. Don't feel shy if you are a beginner or trying something that has never been done before. Go for it! Is a friend of yours working on a little something Sime~Gen? Encourage them to contribute.

2) Leave feedback on the message boards. There are places set aside for everybody who's contributed, so if you have a favorite author or artist, old or new, by all means show them how you feel. Even an anonymous letter is a wonderful morale booster.

3) Tell your Sime~Gen friends that you read the Secret Pens and explain why. Worried about the opinions of others? Believe me, they care about your opinion too. Know someone who'd like the Pens but has never checked it out? Tell them about it! They may end up thanking you.

4) Link to the Secret Pens. The official URL of the Pens is and there are many possible places to use it. Add it to the bottom of your home page, put it in your email signature, and submit it to fandom, art, fanfic and poetry directories that don't already list it. How about printing up bookmarks with the URL and putting them in used Sime/Gen novels at your local bookstore? (Be sure to ask the bookstore's permission first.)

5) Donate your used computer equipment.

6) Host your website or domain with Kaas for Alarm Productions. $20/month includes as much space as you need, DNS services, email, and scripting and special applications support. The $ you'd have to pay someone else anyway can help pay for the Pens' Internet connection.

7) Do you buy your books on Come here and use this link. Any affiliate income goes to support the Secret Pens.

8) If a monetary donation is your cup of tea, feel free to send it via PayPal by clicking on this button:

Questions? Email the editor.